Contemporary Abstract Paintings

Liven Up Your Surroundings with Colour

It's a well known fact that colour has a psychological effect on us and makes up feel good and brightens or changes our mood. There are all sorts of marketing tricks involving colour. Imagine then how good you would feel to have vibrant Contemporary Abstract Paintings on the walls in your home, office or work place. Whatever your colour scheme, enhance, harmonize and accessorize your surroundings with beautiful Contemporary Abstract Art. Reds, yellows and orange colours in general tend to stimulate the senses and raise our blood pressure, while blues, greens and violet colours calm us and make us feel more tranquil. Liven up your surroundings or calm them down. My Contemporary Abstract Paintings are available is all colours and designs, or perhaps you would like a favourite scene or place painted which has a special memory attached to it. Send me a mail for more information.

Feel Alive With Contemporary Abstract Art