Portrait Paintings

Portrait Paintings for every occasion

Have you just got married? Or do you have beloved children, family or a pet? Children grow up so fast. Before you know it, they are teenagers and then adults. I offer you the chance to capture their young innocence and beauty in a portrait painting or a special moment to keep and cherish forever. No matter what the age, a painting of your baby, child, children, parents, partner, loved ones or a beloved pet animal is a priceless memory. Why not have a family portrait done or a painting of your special wedding day. Or give someone a portrait painting as a gift. Alternatively, for someone who has lost someone dear or a pet animal, remember them forever in a portrait painting.

I paint from the heart to not only capture the likeness but in particular the character and essence of the person or subject I am painting. I paint from a photo on canvas with oils or acrylics in the traditional way. All paintings are ready to hang. For more information, please go to my Contact page and fill in the form with your request or any questions you would like to ask.