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You can’t always wait long for money – there are simply moments in life when you need a certain amount quickly, preferably overnight. It is bad for those who do not have sufficient financial reserves to manage the amount X on their own: external financing is necessary.

How quickly can I get money?

How quickly can I get money?

Even if certain advertising suggests otherwise: from one day to the next, you won’t get any money anywhere, especially not on the Internet. This also applies, or in particular, to loans that are referred to as instant loans, 24-hour loans or urgent loans. In principle, these terms refer to the loan approval, which is usually provisionally granted after completing the online loan application.

What does “provisional” mean?

What does "provisional" mean?

For the time being, this means that it is not a firm loan commitment, because the bank still has to check the information you provided online. For this review, you will be asked to disclose your income or your financial circumstances – this works by post for online loans. As a rule, you must send in (including the completed and signed loan application) bank statements that show your regular and other expenses, pay slips to prove your income and finally a copy of your employment contract so that you can see to what extent you have been employed on a trial or temporary basis,

Is a conventional loan faster?

Is a conventional loan faster?

Sometimes yes! The advantage is that you can present the necessary documents directly on site without having to dispute the annoying post, there are several working days through personal contact with the bank advisor. The house bank has another advantage: Your credit rating no longer has to be checked because you are known to the bank. To get an overview of your income and expenses, the bank advisor can simply look into your account on site and all questions will be answered.

Either way, applicants should expect a week or several working days before it is theoretically possible that money can flow into their account. On the other hand, the so-called “tolerated overdraft” is granted more quickly – that is, the short-term violation of the disposition framework that has already been granted.

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